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'Correction: FCC Labeling?'
1999\07\12@171429 by Barry King

I decided to look it up again, sure enough, I misremembered one part
of this:

"Authorized" means that you've met the requirements for sale.  Duh.
I forgot that.

Effective August 19, 1996, you have two choices for authorization
FOR CLASS B DEVICES.  One is to use an accredited lab to make the
measurements, and you can then prepare a Declaration of Conformity,
and use that form of the label.  You are authorized immediately.
This does not require that the FCC be "in the loop" at all- no filing
fee and no delay.

For Class A, or optionally for class B, you still file your test
results with the FCC, pay the filing fee, and wait for a
certification from them.  Then you use the Certified form of the
label, which includes a certificate number.

And THAT's only for the US.  For the EU, there a whole 'nother set of
requirements.  And THAT's only for Europe...

Barry King, KA1NLH
Engineering Manager
NRG Systems "Measuring the Wind's Energy"
Hinesburg, Vermont, USA
"The witty saying has been deleted due to limited EPROM space"

1999\07\12@172706 by Adam Davis

Ok, let's say that I'm a hobbyist who wants to make 20-30 devices to be sold to
technicions who are not close friends.  Perhaps over the web, or word of mouth.
I have a sales tax licence, and am running a computer consulting business, so I
would charge tax if I sold it in my state.

Do I need to certify these devices?  If so, how much, typically, would I need to
fork out to certify in the US (let's say a simple device with one mode of
operation, no intentional radio emissions)?

How much typically to certify for CE?

And, lastly, if it hooked up to the mains, do I have to have UL certification,
and generally how much does that cost?  I suppose I'll use a wall wart for the
majority, but if I make a light dimmer, then I can't use that shortcut.

I hope these aren't too involved to answer...  I know the actuall processes are
rather long and involved.


Barry King wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1999\07\12@180006 by Peter van Hoof

probably the easy way to avoid all this is make it a kit.
Shouldn't cause problems because it would be the responsibility of the
individual building the kit (a good disclaimer is needed)


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