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'Eagle-friendly Board House'
1999\07\29@125331 by Bob Drzyzgula

Sorry to bother everyone with this, but I have a couple of
questions for all the Eagle users out there:

* What Board house do you use? I presume that a Gerber
  is a Gerber, but were they knowldegeable about any
  idiosyncracies in those generated by Eagle and how
  to set your design rules and CAM settings to avoid

* How do you organize your layers in the Gerber plots?
  Do you typically just use Cadsoft's default Gerber
  and Excellon CAM jobs, did you tweak them, or did
  you design your own CAM job from scratch? (and can
  your share with me what you did?)

For reference, I'm going to be starting with a
little (< 10 sq in) double-sided through-hole board,
which I've managed to lay out without vias.


Bob Drzyzgula                             It's not a problem                until something bad happens

1999\07\29@141442 by Gabriel Gonzalez

Hi Bob,

I've always used Eagle for my boards and never had any problems with the
default Gerber and Excellon job outputs. I've only modified the gerber
output when I need something special, like legends on both sides of the
board, or display values, etc.

I've used a few different sources for my PCBs, and the ones I most recently
used are:

American Standard Circuits (excellent quality but expensive)
Colt Technologies (cheapest and acceptable quality)
Alberta Printed Circuits APC (very good quality, cheap on low volumes and
the fastest service)

Just be sure to include all the needed files and clearly specify them in a

Also you will need to create a 'drill plan' and send it by fax so they can
verify the job output.

Something else I do, before they start, is ask them to send me printouts by
fax of the gerber output so I can check them, after I verify everything is
right I sign them and send them back so they can start the PCB making.

Hope it helps,


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