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'Free East Timor!!!!!'
1999\09\15@170552 by Bruno Carvalho

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<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>The US Gov are a group of cocksuckers, they only
like to be the WORLD POLICE when they have some political or economical
interests. They made the Gulf War (and many other wars, like Kosovo just because
they had some interests)&nbsp; only because of oil, but now people are being
murdered in EAST TIMOR and they just talk, they like to kiss the Indonesians
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>FREE EAST TIMOR&nbsp;</FONT></DIV></BODY></HTML>


1999\09\15@201857 by l.allen

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I apologize to my fellow PICLIST member but this cant go unanswered.

Bruno you are wrong in fact and offensive in language.
President Clinton has been in New Zealand working his ass off over
East Timor, negotiations , agreements have gone on unseen and the
mechanism is in place for Australia, New Zealand , some British and
some US troops will shortly go into East Timor.
The US has lent on Indonesia more than anyone else in history but it
is obvious the gov has NO control over their army and a coup is in
the air. That could mean the break up and possible slaughter of
hundreds of thousands of people.

Even the American hating loony left in NZ  have publicly applauded
Bill Clintons efforts.
Kosovo took 9 MONTHS to implement before one soldier was on the
ground there.

Time you pulled you're head in and stop dumping this on us. What are
you doing about it other than pissing people off?
East Timor is our backyard and I conclude you don't know shit from
clay. Don't do this to us again.


Lance Allen
Technical Officer
Uni of Auckland
Psych Dept
New Zealand

1999\09\15@204148 by Richard Prosser

hear hear


{Quote hidden}

1999\09\16@210802 by Mark Willis

I can deal with people posting their opinions to a public forum (this
isn't a public forum.)

I can deal with people posting their own opinion, expressed reasonably,
to the PICList, with Reply-To set to theirselves, this user didn't
follow that.

Political flame speech in the PICList, isn't allowed;  that is just not
appropriate in this mailing list.  We all knew that, without my saying
it, though.


> Bruno Carvalho wrote:
> <snipped>

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