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'Fume Extraction Systems'
1999\09\10@172952 by Bob Drzyzgula

I've been looking into getting a fume extraction system for
my lab at work. I've already got a little arm-mounted fan &
filter for rosin fumes from hand soldering, but it doesn't
always work all that well and it won't do anything about
gaseous fumes from defluxers and such. Looking through
some catalogs, I've seen what are likely to be affordable,
self-contained, under-bench systems with three-stage
filtration from Airidus, Hakko and Pace.

Does anyone on the list use these things? Do they
work well? Specific recommendations?

--Bob Drzyzgula

Bob Drzyzgula                             It's not a problem                until something bad happens

1999\09\13@155458 by Andre Abelian

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I use lots of Hakko products except what you are looking for.
I think  Hakko is one of the best product .


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1999\09\14@164450 by l.allen

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We also use Hakko products.
The best method .... in my opinion.... is the charcoal filtered fans
for each station, good , simple, effective and non intrusive.
We bought a big expensive Weller 4 iron extraction system
which was not satisfactory as 1. It was too loud.. even in  a sound
reduced enclosure (with vent) and 2. the plastic tubes and iron pick
up inlets were very intrusive.. I found my techs were actually
disconnecting them so they could see what they were doing.


Lance Allen
Technical Officer
Uni of Auckland
Psych Dept
New Zealand

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