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PICList Thread
'Fw: Free Data Acquisition'
1999\09\21@051934 by Russell McMahon

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Free sounds good.
Copied from ARocket amateur rocketry list (which Y'All should belong to if
you have any interest in "real" amateur rocketry).


What can one man do?  Help the hungry for free at
-----Original Message-----
From: Tom Binford <>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, 21 September 1999 13:11
Subject: Free Data Acquisition

>Dataq is offering a free hardware and software kit for data acquisition.
>It's a 4 channel, +- 10V input system with a max sample rate of 240
>samples/sec. PC access is via serial port. Visit
>  I saw the freebie in Electronic Design

1999\09\21@102057 by Mark Willis

I think I'm going to have to make, "Referencing another good mailing
list without showing how to subscribe to that list, or a Faq pointer or
something", to the list of PICList unforgiveable sins, Russell.  BAD
habit there, guy <EG>  Reason I object is, it tends to lead to people
posting "How do I join that list" posts to both this list, AND that
other list, I've tried to get the habit of being complete (also,
remember, the archives will be visited by people looking for info,

(So, I'm picky;  Shoot me!  <G>)


Russell McMahon wrote:
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> {Original Message removed}

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