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PICList Thread
1999\07\25@074558 by Les

picon face
           Could anyone please explain how to use the _Config in HI-TECH
PICC, I have tried every combination and I keep getting syntax errors. All I
want is to set a 16F84 with XTOSC, No watchdog and no protection, And the
same for a 16F877 with normal programming enabled and nothing else. I have
asked the question on the HI-Tech mailing list with no replies.


1999\07\27@101651 by Barry King

You've  been done by the typeface.  Its a double underscore before
the key word config:  _ _ c o n f i g

You have to type both of them, but they display as one long bar in
many windows fonts, including Courier.

Barry King, KA1NLH
Engineering Manager
NRG Systems "Measuring the Wind's Energy"
Hinesburg, Vermont, USA

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