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'ICE2000 Processor Module?'
1999\09\26@235131 by l.allen

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Anybody out there know if the ICE2000 Processor Module for 16F877/876
is available yet, its designation is PCM 16XK0?
I ask this because experience teaches me that official channels are
useless and vague at best.
I have the ICE2000 and 12c6XX series module (sweet it is) but I am
hanging out for the afore mentioned 16F877 module.
My first projects using 16F877 are in and operating but were achieved
with a bit too much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The ICD came to
the rescue towards the end but alas was a bit lacking when it came to
serial comms debugging. 20mA loop used to be a favourite of mine.. now
I hate it.

BTW At the risk of straying OT... the project feeds sealions at
Auckland Zoo.

Lance Allen
Technical Officer
Uni of Auckland
Psych Dept
New Zealand

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