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PICList Thread
'More on PIC shortages: Reply from Microchip'
1999\09\24@061630 by Bob Drzyzgula


I had asked Zahir Parpia, editor of the online electronics
newsletter Zen News, if there was anything he knew about
Microchip's sudden shortages. He hadn't heard anything
but did get a response from Microchip's press office.
I've attached Zahir's response (which includes Microchip's
reponse) below.


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I just wanted to let you know I got the following reply
from Microchip about the long lead times for their flash
PIC parts.  The message is clearly for the record, so I don't
think Microchip would mind me sharing it with you.

For what its worth, I have to agree with him about the desperate
shortage of flash chips - see the daily news section of ZEN News
for our coverage of the chip shortage.

Zahir Parpia
ZEN News

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