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1999\09\15@182336 by Robert A. LaBudde

I'm interested in having about 10 copies of a 3" x 4" double-sided PC board
made commercially. The layout was done in Eagle, with Gerber-file exports.

Can someone direct me to an inexpensive company to do this work?

PS. Did you know that a 'Sharpie' permanent marker works great as a
etch-resistant pen?

Robert A. LaBudde, PhD, PAS, Dpl. ACAFS  e-mail:
Least Cost Formulations, Ltd.                   URL:
824 Timberlake Drive                            Tel: 757-467-0954
Virginia Beach, VA 23464-3239                   Fax: 757-467-2947

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1999\09\15@194144 by Sean H. Breheny

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Hi Robert,

I would definately recommend AP Circuits ( ). I
have seen many people on this list recommend them, they are the least
expensive that I have seen for small quantities, and they gave me very fast
and high-quality service when I sent them a rather compex, double-sided
board design. Just for comparison, qty. 2 of a 6 inch by 4 inch board ran
me $90,and that was about 50% setup fee.


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1999\09\16@010902 by Thierry Vanmarcke

If the shipping costs aren't to big you could try out

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> I'm interested in having about 10 copies of a 3" x 4" double-sided PC
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1999\09\16@111128 by wsiemens

While Alberta Printed Circuits is cheap and quick, the board quality is not
the greatest. Not that they make any mistakes, just that these boards will
not last many reworks. I use them often for developement as you send in your
board by 7 AM and the next afternoon go pick up your board (P1 service and
yes I'm local).

Just a caution.

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1999\09\16@223941 by Brian Kraut

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I second the motion.  It is something like $50.00 setup and $.50 per square
inch.  If you need solder mask, silk screen, gold fingers, scoring, or anything
other than a plain reflowed board Advanced Circuits in Colarado is the best
choice.  They don't come close to AP for plain vanilla boards though.

Sean H. Breheny wrote:

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