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'PIC 16C74A programming'
1998\02\27@131233 by svialle


I've to use a PIC74A, and i don't know if there is some kind of C
compilators to program it !
Is someone knowing if I could program if in another way that in assebly
programming ??

Thank you for your help

Stephane VIALLE

1998\02\27@134604 by Mark Lezama

Stephane, you can program your PIC74A with MPLAB-C, HI-TECH PIC C, and

Stephane VIALLE escribis:

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'PIC 16C74A programming'
1998\03\02@091041 by Mark Lezama
Those compilers are expensive and you need to now assembler any way. but the
compiler isn't as big as you think, to tell the true the compiler is only 1
the CD-ROM is for app notes and datasheets. The lenguages is powerfull and safe
lot of time but dont expect a compiler without any problem you will have your
problem with it too. Maybe the HI-TECH compilers is better than the MPLAB-C. In
this list there is a person who work with HI-TECH maybe He can help you. I think
his name is Claude, but I dont remember.

Stephane VIALLE escribis:

> Thank you for your help.
> I took a look on the web site, but the programming looks very near of the
> assembly programming. I'll have to use some array, and implement a PI
> corrector. It will be faster if i can buy a C compiler for a not too
> price (!!). I just look on the microship tecnologie web site about the
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