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PICList Thread
'PICLIST, Reply-To:,'
1999\09\08@190552 by Bob Drzyzgula

It depends on whether or not the sender includes a Reply-To:
header in their original message. If no Reply-To: is set,
the PICLIST L-Soft processor inserts a Reply-To: for the
list. If there is a Reply-To:, the list processor leaves
it alone.

My messages always do have a Reply-To:, so if you try
to do a simple reply to this message, it should just go to
me. If you do a reply-to-all or group reply (most mailers,
including yours -- Outlook 8.5 -- have such a function),
then it should come up going to me *and* to the list. Also,
if you do a reply-to-all or group reply to PICLIST posts
from people who *do not* set their Reply-To:, then your
reply should simply go to the list, as if you had done
a simple reply. Therefore, the best policy to use when
replying to a PICLIST post is to *always* use a group
reply, which is what you really mean to do, n'est pas?

To summarize

 If the poster sets a Reply-To:
 The distributed message will have the poster's
 Reply-To: and original To: and Cc: fields, one of
 which will most likely include the piclist.
   * In which case, if you do a reply, the
     reply will go to the sender's Reply-To:
   * If you do a group reply, the reply will
     go to the sender's Reply-To:, To: and Cc:,
     which will most likely include the list.
 If the poster does *not* set a
 Reply-To:, the distributed message will have
 the Poster's To: and Cc:, but will also
 have a Reply-To: PICLIST.
   * In which case, if you do a reply, the
     reply will go to the Reply-To: == PICLIST
   * If you do a group reply, the reply will
     go to the Reply-To: == PICLIST, as well
     as the sender's To: and Cc:
       - In most such cases, the message will
         have been sent with a To: == PICLIST
         and no Cc:, in which event
         To: == Reply-To: == PICLIST, and the
         group reply will go only to the PICLIST.
       - If The message includes multiple
         addresses on the To: and Cc: lines,
         all those addressees, including the
         PICLIST, will get the reply, and thus
         a small number of people will get
         two copies. (assuming you don't edit
         out the extras).
  There is one odd possibility in all that.
  It is possible (recipients of spam well
  know) for a message to be sent without
  an explict addressee in the To: field.
  The SMTP protocol sends the message content
  and the delivery instructions separately,
  and it is possible to include addresses in
  the delivery instructions that are not in
  the message text. If the PICLIST is thus
  ommitted, and yet the sender includes a
  Reply-To: (God knows why someone would
  do this), then it is possible that even
  a group reply might not go to the list.
  That's assuming that the L-Soft processor
  would let such a message through, I don't
  know about that.

At least I *think* I have that straight. :-)

Hope this helps. If everyone always does
group replies to PICLIST messages (I always
do and it seems to work just fine), then
most of this messages not going to the list
business would probably go away.



On Wed, Sep 08, 1999 at 01:22:55PM -0700, James Newton wrote:
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Bob Drzyzgula                             It's not a problem                until something bad happens

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