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'Project distribution site [was Re: project uploadi'
1999\02\02@204223 by Bob Drzyzgula

Jan and the list,

That's what I thought, but then I started to think there
was a chance that you did and I didn't want to snatch your
idea away from you. I had been thinking about this kind
of thing already, which is why it may have seemed that
I jumped on the idea more quickly than you might have
expected. :-)

I've looked around at several of the links on Microchip's
page, Myke Predko's page, and some doubly-indirected pages
from there. Picpoint seems to do some of that, and others
have pages of links to sites with projects people have
done. Again, though, I didn't notice a site that was
focused on distributing whole, workable projects that
others would like to share but not if it means putting
up a website.  Perhaps that is because there isn't much
demand for or interest in it, or that there isn't much of
a supply of such things. I, personally, am too much of a
newbie at this to have anything to put on such a site yet.

So I'll ask the people on this list:

  * Would you be interested in seeing a site devoted to
    the distribution of complete PIC project descriptions?

  * Do you think that it makes sense to create such a
    site from scratch, or do you think that this is
    redundant with a site that already exists?

  * Do you have any projects that you would like to
    contribute to such a site?

I am sort of imagining a simple collection of pages to
start, with one top level page listing the available
projects; each project would then be linked to a separate
page for each item, that contained a standard-form
description of the project and links to downloadable
files. I could provide a moderate amount of disk storage
for people who didn't have any place to put their files,
or in some cases the download links could point to other
servers. The form could provide for a URL link for people
who have a real website to describe the project, and
little icons to help identify certain types of projects,
and what kinds of project files were available (C, BASIC,
MPASM, Eagle, Protel, Gerber, pdf, etc). Eventually,
if the volume of projects ever warranted it, searchable
indicies might be in order.

I would imagine requiring a form to be filled out and
sent to me to register the project; I don't think that
my skills and resources would even begin to support any
automatic submission mechanism.

I would also probably keep it fully non-commercial, in the
sense that it wouldn't be available for links to commercial
project kits (while I could imagine a page of links to
such sites and other commercial sites, a full standard-form
register page and storage would only be for non-commercial
projects). I also have fully paid-for hosting so there
wouldn't have to be Geocities watermarks or Tripod pop-ups,
and as long as the file storage burden didn't get too big
I wouldn't have carry banners or anything.


Seriously, if y'all think that this is a stupid idea,
please let me know. If I don't get burnt to a crisp
on this, and if I get a dozen or more projects, I'll
probably go ahead and put up a draft of this thing
for comment.


Jan Derogee wrote:

{Quote hidden}

Bob Drzyzgula                             It's not a problem                until something bad happens

1999\02\02@211220 by Tony Nixon

picon face
PicNPoke's page has got..

Ol' Timer clock
Motor Cycle alarm
Security Camera

More when I get time..

These projects have everything needed including PIC code, PCBs
schematics etc.

Plus there are some circuit snippets.

Best regards


Multimedia 16F84 Beginners PIC Tools.
** NEW PicNPro Programmer and Port Interface **

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