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PICList Thread
'Proposal: PIC Resource Database'
1999\02\07@092416 by Bob Drzyzgula

After our discussion of last week on "project uploading",
I've come to the conclusion that what is sorely missing
is not so much a place to put things, or a single wesite
to list existing projects, but rather what is
missing is a good, comprehensive, consistantly-formatted
database of existing PIC resources. I've also come to
the conclusion that, despite the impressive, herculean
and greatly appreciated efforts by several persons to
list all the projects that they could find, there are
still probably things out there that are missed, and the
bigger the lists the harder it can be to find things.
Thus, I've decided to focus some attention on this
problem (assuming that one believes this is a problem,
which perhaps is too severe a term).

I've written a document, wherein I attempt to describe
a design for a new database, called the PIC Resource
Database, or prdb. (I've done a little searching, and
from what I can tell the last use of "prdb" was for the
Internet's Policy Routing Database, which was shut down
years ago). The document is kind of lengthy (I know,
you're all thinking *this guy* thinks something is
lengthy? Prolixity is a nasty illness, sorry), so I've
not attached it here. I would, however, encourage everyone
who is interested in the existance of such a thing to look
it over. I'm open to ideas or criticism (but flames go
to /dev/null), and especially open to suggestions of how
to make the proposed database work better. I've also left
some things open, and there's a couple of design questions
in there, so... Also, I'm sure that there are typos,
inconsistancies, unclear paragraphs, etc., so please let
me know if you find any of those.

The document may be accessed at:


Or, at least, I *think* it can. :-)

If there are people who can't get http or ftp access
to these documents and would like to get them by
email, please let me know and I'll send you a copy.
If a lot of people ask me to, I'll just send it out
to the list.

This could be a huge project with a big payoff if a
number of y'all contribute to it, or a piddly, pitiful
little thing if I do it by myself, so...



Bob Drzyzgula                             It's not a problem                until something bad happens

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