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'RS232 or RS485 communication'
1994\08\01@173448 by ktor Dvorak

In AN510 Implementation of an Asynchronous Serial I/O must be a bug.
I must step the time delay loops for the right length.
Have you any other idea about Asynchronous Serial I/O?

                                  Thanks in advance

RNDr. Viktor Dvorak
Czech Republic

1994\08\02@065911 by Leonard Norrgard

> Have you any other idea about Asynchronous Serial I/O?

Well, one problem with Microchip's example source is that they've got
the RS-232 signals inverted. (On rs232, 1's are sent as low voltage,
0's as high).  A scope is a great debugging aid for programming
RS-232, btw.

-- vinsci

1994\08\02@180314 by dpalmer


The RS-232 lines are reversed, but if you use some MAXIM interface chips,
it reverses the lines also.  So you get an inverted invert, uhh, you know
what I mean.

Darryl Palmer

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