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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'PIC as muxed LCD driver'
1995\11\21@010938 by Gregg Blas
1995\11\21@010938 by Gregg Blas
1995\11\21@111414 by BBoles

''65 as LCD driver-need code!'
1996\03\27@072039 by Moshe Fish

'Lcd driver for C'
1997\01\27@174956 by Barry Carter
1997\01\27@195053 by rrasa
1997\01\28@101832 by Brian Hackett
1997\01\28@154934 by Philippe TECHER

'LCD driver & PIC'
1997\05\30@031854 by Inochkin A.A.

'low-power, cheap LCD driver wanted'
1997\12\12@162950 by wwl
1997\12\13@160950 by wwl

'Simple(!) LCD Driver'
1998\02\12@051449 by Louis Pretorius
1998\02\12@055844 by Philippe
1998\02\12@060740 by Bill Rininger
1998\02\12@083434 by Louis Pretorius
1998\02\12@170602 by rlunn
1998\02\12@170604 by rlunn
1998\02\13@015756 by Louis Pretorius
1998\02\14@044458 by Russell McMahon
'HEY LOUIS (was Re: Simple(!) LCD Driver)'
1998\02\14@094528 by Andy Kunz

'Pic with LCD drivers (Was: 16F84 vs 16C84)'
1998\06\05@145906 by hatfield

'NEC D7227G LCD Driver'
1998\12\13@135717 by gav

'[OT] AY0438 lcd driver to 3.5 digit display'
1999\02\04@015427 by : Cassie Carstens
'LCD drivers using Toshiba T6963C'
1999\02\24@133909 by Kevin Hawkins
1999\02\25@124216 by Steve Lawther

'Multi-backplane LCD Driver'
1999\04\22@121952 by GregH
1999\04\28@142404 by John Payson

'Sanyo LCD Drivers'
1999\06\30@132521 by Les
1999\06\30@211538 by Andres Tarzia

'LCD Driver'
1999\08\09@171010 by Jack Shidemantle
1999\08\09@172841 by Steve Schwartz

'LCD drivers'
1999\09\03@120502 by Dwayne Reid

'Microchip ay0438 32 segment LCD driver data sheets'
2000\02\15@111516 by George
2000\02\15@132216 by Peter Keller

'[OT] I2C LCD driver'
2000\04\26@173945 by D. Schouten
2000\04\27@074214 by Jim Dossey

'[EE]: FW: LCD Driver & Controller IC for sale'
2000\11\30@120803 by Mark Walsh

'[EE]: LCD driver'
2001\10\22@114436 by John Waters
2001\10\22@123442 by Marcelo Yamamoto
2001\10\22@171357 by John Waters
2001\10\23@100630 by Lawrence Lile

'[EE]: LCD drivers are a pain in the neck'
2002\01\22@111821 by Lawrence Lile

'[PIC]: I2C LCD Driver using PCF8548'
2002\08\16@005730 by Thomas N

'[OT] Samsung LCD driver chips'
2003\05\09@171256 by Marc Nicholas
2003\05\09@175230 by Jinx
2003\05\09@180616 by Picdude
2003\05\09@184730 by Marcelo Puhl
2003\05\09@214433 by Marc Nicholas

'[OT]: LCD Driver Datasheet Wanted'
2003\11\10@180405 by Paul James E.
2003\11\10@180406 by Paul James E.
2003\11\10@212621 by Jinx
2003\11\11@045643 by Dominic Stratten
2003\11\11@071656 by Ian McLean
2003\11\11@072731 by David Duffy
2003\11\11@073146 by Ian McLean
2003\11\11@073604 by Olin Lathrop
2003\11\11@073606 by David Duffy
2003\11\11@082246 by Wouter van Ooijen

'[PIC]: Epson SED1330 LCD driver'
2003\12\08@131819 by WH Tan
2003\12\09@042620 by Nigel Orr
'RE : [PIC]: Epson SED1330 LCD driver'
2003\12\09@150605 by Samuel BOUQUET
'[PIC]: Epson SED1330 LCD driver'
2003\12\09@195130 by WH Tan
2003\12\10@154019 by Ian Forse

'[PIC]: ASM code for S6B0108 LCD driver ?'
2004\01\19@092534 by Peter Onion
2004\01\20@042628 by Tony K|bek
2004\01\20@053012 by Peter Onion
2004\01\23@062516 by Peter Onion
2004\01\23@084032 by Aadu Adok
2004\01\23@085525 by Peter Onion

'[EE]: Info for Toshiba T6961 LCD Drivers'
2004\04\30@115956 by Glenn Jones

'[EE]: LCD driver'
2004\11\05@184717 by Jinx
2004\11\05@225314 by M. Adam Davis
2004\11\06@015652 by Jinx

'[PIC] Interface to Motorola MC141532T LCD Driver'
2005\04\24@123832 by Brian Nelson
2005\04\24@125428 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2005\04\24@135645 by Brian Nelson

'[SX] Al Williams 4-bit LCD driver code for SX/B'
2007\04\08@203659 by baba40n/a
2007\04\08@215959 by Capt. Quirkn/a
2007\04\09@074520 by Capt. Quirkn/a
2007\04\09@115231 by Sparks-R-Funn/a
2007\04\09@130501 by Capt. Quirkn/a
2007\04\15@152212 by baba40n/a
2007\04\15@165913 by naten/a
2007\04\16@005455 by Capt. Quirkn/a
2007\04\16@060134 by beann/a
2007\04\16@205452 by baba40n/a
2007\04\17@155306 by baba40n/a
2007\04\17@160112 by Capt. Quirkn/a
2007\04\18@065521 by baba40n/a

'[EE] Suggestions for QVGA color LCD driver chip'
2009\01\27@041457 by Peter Loron
2009\01\27@074626 by Philip Pemberton
2009\01\27@153258 by Peter Loron

'[PIC] 18f1320, 44780 LCD DRIVER, PICCKIT2, PGC & P'
2010\08\06@090934 by Carl Denk
2010\08\06@092541 by alan.b.pearce
2010\08\06@093217 by Isaac Marino Bavaresco
2010\08\06@093921 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2010\08\06@100646 by Olin Lathrop
2010\08\06@120220 by Bob Blick
2010\08\06@120434 by Carl Denk
2010\08\06@125116 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2010\08\06@135620 by Olin Lathrop
2010\08\06@150123 by Carl Denk
2010\08\06@153512 by Carl Denk
2010\08\06@154043 by Dumitru Stama
2010\08\06@162658 by Carl Denk
2010\08\06@181857 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2010\08\06@183700 by sergio masci
2010\08\06@184958 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2010\08\06@185301 by Carl Denk
2010\08\06@190407 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2010\08\06@191022 by ivp
2010\08\06@191153 by Carl Denk
2010\08\06@192643 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2010\08\06@195752 by Carl Denk
2010\08\06@211329 by RussellMc
2010\08\06@225658 by cdb
2010\08\07@100717 by Olin Lathrop
2010\08\07@110006 by Carl Denk
2010\08\07@111654 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2010\08\07@114438 by Carl Denk
2010\08\07@115537 by Carl Denk
2010\08\07@115927 by Olin Lathrop
2010\08\07@120155 by Olin Lathrop
2010\08\07@134559 by Carl Denk
2010\08\07@145007 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2010\08\07@184208 by Carl Denk
'[PIC] 18f1320, 44780 LCD DRIVER, PICCKIT2, PGC & P'
2010\08\12@143239 by Carl Denk

'about PIC's EMI interface and Rio LCD driver'
2012\03\04@001555 by Zona

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