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'Temporary Memory Storage'
1999\08\05@003851 by Wesley Moore (Yallara)

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Hello Again,
I am still researching an MP3 player and have found out that a CDROM send
and receives 2Kb sectors, a bit much to store in a PIC. I was wondering
what sort of memory device could/should be used for temporary storage ie.
non-retaining. Obviously it needs to be bigger than 2Kb.

What do you think?


1999\08\05@060108 by Michael Rigby-Jones

I think you are probably creating a lot of work for yourself if you are
trying to use a low/mid range PIC to do this.  You could possibly use a
normal SRAM with a binary counter to produce the addresses.  However, it
would be far easier to use a micro that has external addressing
capabilities, e.g. PIC17CXX, 8051, 68HC11, etc...etc..

You will also need a reasonable amount of ROM for implementing the ISO9660
file system.


Mike Rigby-Jones

Have a look at:

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