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'U2010B circuit, capacitor voltage value'
2005\08\09@052408 by v01d

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Hello all,

I want to built this circuit (image attached), a single phase AC motor
soft stater. I got the circuit from Temic and Atmel. It uses U2010B.
The article gives good explanation about the circuit, also the circuit
already complete with its components value. What I am missing here is the
capacitor voltage value. Since it will operated on 230VAC, I think I need
to consider the proper operation voltage for the capacitors in circuit.

Does anybody have any experience with this circuit and know what is
the proper voltage for each capacitor in the circuit?

Any suggestion for simpler, cheaper, and easier to build single phase
AC motor soft starter circuit?

Thank you.

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2005\08\09@155650 by Richard Prosser

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On a quick look, I can't see any caps that need to be much more than
the internal suuply voltage (5V?). The circuit operates a a low side
switch with the positive connected to (internal ) ground which is also
the positive supply.
C1 appears to be the main power supply cap & is the only one connected
to anything close to mains voltage.

I can't quite figure out the actions of D1 & D3. - presumably there is
an internal zener/regulator on chip.

Richard P

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