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'Where can I find a LCD Controller T6963C?'
1999\07\26@193423 by David Blain

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I just ordered ten DMF-633N LCD panels for a pic project that I am working
on.  They include drivers but no controllers.  In researching which
controllers are available, I decided on the Toshiba T6963C.  It seems to
have enough features for what I want to do.  The only problem is that I
can't find a supplier for them.  Does anyone know where I can find this
controller.  I checked all of the online suppliers that I could think of
with no luck.  Any help would be appreciated.


1999\07\27@063500 by Steve Lawther

Check out your local Toshiba rep / disti to get hold of some.

I doubt it'll be a stock item anywhere (be interested to know if I'm wrong
on this)

Steve Lawther

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