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PICList Thread
'Which PIC16c84 programmer should I b'
1996\09\30@093600 by Miller, Steve


Both serial and parallel port programmers work.  In my opinion, the
parallel port versions are more reliable because they regulate the
programming voltage to the 16C84.  Several of the serial port models
"steal" power from the serial port and are thus either poorly regulated
or un-regulated.  However, I know these serial programmers do function
most of the time.  The parts are fairly robust, with good error margins
built into all the processes.  Main problem with either type of
programmer is TSR programs running in the background that screw up the
timing of the signals to the PIC.  Turn off all TSRs, and have only the
programmer application active during programming and you should not have
a problem.

-- Steve

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I have seen both very simple programmers (like LUDIPIPO) and more
complex ones. Are the expensive/advanced programmers better than the
cheap/simple ones???

I need to be able to write (maybe read) PIC16c84's using a parallel or
serial port.

Should I expect problems if I go for a simple programmer?

- Kim

Mr. Kim Runholt                 | Student at the Faculty of Engineering
Finger for PGP public key.      | Science at Aalborg University, Denmark
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