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'Windows NT boot disk(s) [OT]'
1999\08\02@134239 by Darren Logan

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   Sorry about this OT, but I have a dead compaq with Windows NT 4.0
workstation     on it, only it does not load windows. It did !, it just
stopped working after   someone turned off the machine while windows was

   Anyone care to help me out here ??? PLEASE.

   Anyone got any boot disks that may help or advice ?

Thanks in advance.


1999\08\02@140501 by David Blain

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There are a couple of things that you can try.

First, if this is NT 4.0 and you have a new enough BIOS, you should be able
to boot from the CD and proceed with setup and choose repair.

Second, if you have access to a win98 boot floppy, it will load the proper
CD-ROM drivers so that you can run "WINNT /b" on the NT CD-ROM and proceed
with the repair.

Third, you can go to  This allow
you to build a boot floppy that will allow you to get access to your hard
drive through a command prompt.  The free version only lets you look, you
have to buy it in order to change/replace any files.

All these steps assume you are using NTFS as you file system... if you are
useing FAT, just find a dos boot floppy.

The third option assumes you will be able to manualy find out what is wrong
and replace/fix the files that are broken.

Hope this was helpful.


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