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PICList Thread
1999\12\30@092849 by Lawrence Lile


I have been using CCS C for some time.  You are the first, in my experience,
to have the opinion that CCS is SUPERIOR to Hitech C.  In an ongoing effort
to flame any religious wars on the PIClist, I thought I would point this

I can't say I've done a fair comparison myself, but I can say that CCS has
been a very capable and versatile compiler for my purposes.  I have written
very compact code, squashing a 2K program written in PICbasic into 1K space,
as well as very powerful code, such as a stepper motor controller with
microstepping, two-stage acceleration curves and adaptive torque control.
(OK ask me if you are curious)  I'm definitely also a CCS fan, and will
defend the program against it's detractors.

People say +ACI-CCS is cheap and your get what you pay for.+ACI-  Well, CCS is
priced in a modular way.  It is +ACQ-198 for both modules that will program the
full range of PICS, +ACQ-350 for the GUI, +ACQ-99 per year if you want upgrades.  It
costs as much as Hitech, but you don't have to pay all at once.  It is
accessible to the hobbyist, who then can upgrade periodically.  It is also
accessible to folks like me with a +ACQ-100 +ACI-no questions asked+ACI- cap on what I
can spend without going hat in hand to my boss.  You heard of the Yes man?
He's the No man.

AS A BUSINESS MODEL this makes a lot more sense than charging up front for
software - spreads out the cash flow over the period (initial customer
service calls, upgrades) that the costs are incurred.

-- Lawrence Lile
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2000\01\14@141142 by Terry A. Steen
It seems that most people are suggesting the ccs compiler. I MUST folow the
advice of all those who have blazed the trail. I have checked a few of the
web links and I must say, looking at the list of built in functions that if
it works as smooth as the claims.... I will feel like I a total vacation
from bit chasing and multinested bit-test decision trees.

Thank you all,


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