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'landing code at even breaks'
2000\01\05@165710 by Terry A. Steen

Riddle me this......

I am wanting to devise a good way to handle may calls from one page to
another. The big problem happens when I attempt to read a table.

when you do this:
(in page0)
   call   lookup

(in ANY OTHER page)
lookup   ; get data from table
   adwf   PCL,f
   retlw  data_1
     :      :
   retlw  data_n
This will NOT lookup the correct value because ALL of PCLATH was used by
the addwf command and NOT the call command.

To get around this, I am forced to set PCLATH bits, etc.

What I would like to find is a SIMPLE way to handle this problem that
doesn't need so much hard-wiring of the PCLATH.

Thanx! in advance,


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