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'sRAM--need BGA Package or very small module'
1999\12\07@160814 by William K. Borsum

Hi Folks--
I've already checked most of the web pages and sources mentioned on the
list--so I am looking for possibly unlisted or little known sources--or
stuff too new to be in the search engines or web sites.

Heres my wish list:

Static Ram--Flash is NOT acceptable for technical reasons
"infinite" r/w life at 100ns write cycle (mandatory)
Parallel address and data lines (sorry-not interested in serial)
Maximum capacity per chip--512KBytes (not bits) or greater preferred
5 volt preferred, 3.5 will work in a pinch
Very low power, with uA draw to maintain memory in backup/sleep mode
VERY small package--standard 32 pin TSOP is TOO big.  Need Ball Grid or ???
Target is build 4-16 MegaBytes in a module that will fit in a 1/2" diameter
tube--so a production module of some sort might work too.
Standard SIMM type modules are probably too big, but would be of interest
for another project.
Final size and weight is important--smaller is better!  This will be flown
in a small rocket (5-12" diameter).

Any one have fabrication experience with BGA devices??


William K. Borsum, P.E. -- OEM Dataloggers and Instrumentation Systems
<> & <>San Diego, California, USA

1999\12\07@175114 by Mark Willis

Hi, William, wish I could help more here;

IIRC I know someone who knows summat of BGA, if you get stuck bug me and
I'll find the right person if it's not him, and get them in touch with
you, if willing.  He's done BGA removal IIRC as well as soldering
(removal's a BEAR, you can end up with a "river of solder" all over, so
plan accordingly.)

The PC110 palmtop's 486sx33 CPU is a BGA device, so I know a little
about it, and why they're HARD to remove/replace!  Wish I could "throw"
a 5x86-133 in there, but am resigned <G>

Could you stack and wire then pot solidly, a bunch of smaller capacity
IC's?  Just thinking, I know it's "not standard", and I know that the
first satellites Canada built were done "mousenest" like this - and
eventually this became a standard for much space work.  We've all seen
2-tall RAM stacks, why not 4 or 8 or 16?  <G>  (Conformal coat first,
perhaps, to solve any epoxy conduction problems...)


William K. Borsum wrote:
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I re-ship for small US & overseas businesses, world-wide.
(For private individuals at cost; ask.)

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