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Thread: instructions not in the instruction set !
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At 12:44 AM 6/10/01 +1000, Roman Black wrote:

>There are a few custom designed mnemonics that are not
>official Microchip ones, but which are really handy,
>I got these from Olin,
>SKPWGT   skip if w greater than
>SKPWLE   skip if w less or equal
>SKPWEQ   skip if w equal
>SKPWNE   skip if w not equal

I've got a few more that I find useful:

12 bit core only:

tstw            MACRO           ;test w, valid Z; C & DC unchanged
    xorlw       0

comw            MACRO           ;complement W, valid Z; C & DC unchanged
    xorlw       0xFF

12 bit and 14 bit core parts:

decw            MACRO                   ;decrement w, valid Z, C & DC trashed
    addlw       -1
    endm                                ;C & DC =1 if w>0 after decrement

negw            MACRO                   ;negate w
    sublw       0
    endm                                ;valid z; C & DC trashed

And you are right: Olin's 1 line macros were (are) a great idea - thanks,


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