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Chip Targets Physical Interface Implementations Supporting Internet Connectivity

Mountain View, Calif. - April 3, 2000 - Scenix, a leading provider of solutions for embedding the Internet, today announced that the latest member of its SX Series communications controller chip family, a 100 MHz version of the SX52BD, is now shipping in volume at a 1,000-piece price in the range of $10.00. The SX52BD100 is an extremely cost-effective vehicle for adding Internet connectivity, including Web server and e-mail capabilities and high-performance physical interfaces, to such “everyday things” as security systems, household appliances, utility meters, and factory automation systems.

Delivering up to 100 MIPS (million instructions per second) of processing power, the SX52BD100 combines the performance and features required for embedded communications and Internet connectivity applications. It provides the high-speed computation, flexible I/O control and efficient data manipulation required for software implementation of modem and other high-speed serial interfaces while simultaneously supporting a complete TCP/IP network protocol stack and executing application programs. In addition to high-speed communications, the SX52BD100 has been designed into a variety of video and other signal processing applications.

"We’ve had outstanding success with the SX Series, especially in communications-intensive applications," said Bulent Celebi, president and CEO of Scenix. "Like its predecessors, the SX52BD100 supports a complete TCP/IP network stack and runs application software, but it also has the increased horsepower needed to support high-speed interfaces that our customers increasingly want to use to connect their products to the Internet."

SX Series Features

The SX Series controllers feature single-cycle instruction execution and a fixed, deterministic three-cycle interrupt response time that eliminates resolution and SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) performance limits. This lets them support Virtual Peripheral™ modules, which are software modules implementing functions normally performed in hardware. The SX52BD100 supports all of the available Virtual Peripheral modules, and will also be able to implement the higher performance functional modules, such as Ethernet physical interfaces, that are planned for introduction in the near future.

The Virtual Peripheral modules, which are available from the Scenix Web site, are programmed into a fast on-chip flash/EEPROM program memory to configure the controller for a particular application. This “software system-on-a-chip approach” allows rapid, inexpensive product design and, when needed, quick and easy reconfiguration to meet the whims of the market or standards organizations.

Packaging, Price and Availability

The SX52BD100 is offered in a 52-pin quad flatpack (QFP) package. In quantities of 1,000, it is priced in the $10.00 range. It is available now in production quantities directly from Scenix, and through its worldwide network of distributors and representatives.

Development tools, including a PC-based assembler and debugger, are also now available. Virtual Peripheral modules are available as downloadable code files from the Scenix Web site.


Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Scenix provides communications software and controllers for embedded applications, with a market emphasis on embedding the Internet in everyday things. Scenix is the leading supplier of Virtual Peripheral
software modules, which are functions that are conventionally implemented in hardware. The company's software system-on-a-chip approach reduces time to production and system cost, while providing greater flexibility, compared to traditional design approaches.

Recognition includes:

  • "Best Products of 2000, Controllers," by ChipCenter (an on-line affiliate of Electronic Engineering Times) for the SX52BD100 communications controller 
  • "Investor's Choice" award, December 1999, as one of the top 10 privately held companies at the Technologic Partners "Technology Outlook Conference"
  • "50 Hot Products of 1999" by EDN Europe for the SX-Stack TCP/IP network protocol stack
  • "100 Hot Products of 1998" by EDN for the 100 MIPS SX Series communication controller 
  • "10 Top Processor List of 1998" by Electronic News for the 100 MIPS SX28AC communications controller
Additional information on Scenix and its products can be found on the Web at

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™Virtual Peripheral is a trademark of Scenix Semiconductor, Inc.


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