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Scenix Lib IO OSI1 Pwm Pwms.src

; Device data
		device	pins28,pages4,banks8
		device	turbo,optionx,oschs

		reset	start			;set reset jump address
; Variables
		org	$08

temp		ds	1			;temporary workspace

		org	$10

acc0		ds	1			;pwm accumulators
acc1		ds	1
acc2		ds	1
acc3		ds	1
acc4		ds	1
acc5		ds	1
acc6		ds	1
acc7		ds	1

duty0		ds	1			;pwm duty cycles
duty1		ds	1
duty2		ds	1
duty3		ds	1
duty4		ds	1
duty5		ds	1
duty6		ds	1
duty7		ds	1
; Interrupt routine
; update eight 8-bit pwm's on rb pins at 1MHz
; total service time is 32 clocks
; at 50MHz, 18 MIPS are left over for main app
		org	0
					;3	;interrupt entry
		add	acc0,duty0	;2	;update pwm0
		rl	temp		;1
		add	acc1,duty1	;2	;update pwm1
		rl	temp		;1
		add	acc2,duty2	;2	;update pwm2
		rl	temp		;1
		add	acc3,duty3	;2	;update pwm3
		rl	temp		;1
		add	acc4,duty4	;2	;update pwm4
		rl	temp		;1
		add	acc5,duty5	;2	;update pwm5
		rl	temp		;1
		add	acc6,duty6	;2	;update pwm6
		rl	temp		;1
		add	acc7,duty7	;2	;update pwm7
		mov	w,<<temp	;1
		mov	rb,w		;1!	;output pwm states
		mov	w,#-50		;1	;repeat every 1us
		retiw			;3 /32	;interrupt exit
; Main program
start		mov	!rb,#%00000000		;make rb outputs
		mov	!option,#%10011111	;enable rtcc interrupt

:loop		;(update duty0-duty7)
		jmp	:loop

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