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Scenix Seven_seg.src

; ******************************************************************************
;       Binary to Seven-Segment display routine
;       Author:Zafar Ullah
;       Written: 98/7/30
;****** Assembler directives
; uses: SX28AC, 2 pages of program memory, 8 banks of RAM, high speed osc.
;       operating in turbo mode, with 8-level stack & extended option reg.
		DEVICE  pins28,pages2,banks8,oschs
		DEVICE  turbo,stackx,optionx
		ID      'Seven-Se'			;program ID label
		RESET   reset_entry             ;set reset/boot address

		FREQ	50000000
		ORG     100h
; Program execution begins here on power-up or after a reset
	 MOV	M, #$0F            ;set the mode registar.
	 MOV	!RB, #$FF		 ; Set Port B as Input
	 MOV	!RC, #$00		 ; Set the port C as Output
	 MOV	W, RB			; Read Port B
	 AND	W, #$0F		; Masking significant bits
	 CALL  CHECK_TABLE	; Go to look up table
	 MOV	RC, W			; Output the value to port C

	ORG	10h

CHECK_TABLE        JMP	PC+W	; Look up table 	
	RETW 	$40,$F9,$24,$30,$19,$12,$02,$78,$00,$18,$08,$03,$46,$21,$06,$0E

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