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Virtual Peripheral Library

Description Source Code Documentation Qualification * Last Updated
PPP (see integrations)   N  
UDP (see integrations)   N  
TCP/IP (see integrations)   N  
HTTP (see integrations)   N  
SMTP (see integrations)   N  
POP3 (see integrations)   N  
DTMF Generation dtmf_gen.src an41.pdf Qualified 09/19/00
DTMF Detection dtmf_det.src an41.pdf Qualified 09/19/00
FSK Demodulation (Bell-202) fsk_demond_bell202.src an8.pdf In Progress 11/17/99
FSK Modulation (Bell-202) fsk_mod_bell202.src an9.pdf In Progress 11/22/99
FSK Demodulation (V.23)     In Progress Available Soon!
FSK Modulation (V.23)     In Progress Available Soon!
Call-Progress Detection call_id_demod.src   In Progress 01/13/99
CallerID (type I) Demodulation call_id_demod.src an14.pdf In Progress 11/30/99
Ring Detection ring_det.src an4.pdf In Progress 11/01/99
Artificial Sine Generation (PFM) art_sine_gen.src an11.pdf Qualified 09/29/00
8-bit Sigma-Delta ADC 8bit_sig_delta.src an2.pdf Qualified 09/27/00
8-bit Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) DAC 8bit_pfm.src   In Progress 11/09/99
8-bit Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) DAC 8bit_pwm.src sxl_pwm_vp.pdf In Progress 11/15/99
I2C Slave i2c_slave.src an29.pdf Qualified 09/19/00
I2C Master i2c_master.src an29.pdf Qualified 09/19/00
I2C Multi-Master i2c_multi_master.src1 an29.pdf Qualified 09/19/00
I2C Dual-channel Multi Master i2c_dual_multi_master.src1   In Progress 11/09/99
SPI/uWire Slave spi_slave.src sxl_spibrief.pdf Qualified 10/28/00
SPI/uWire Master spi_master.src sxl_spibrief.pdf Qualified 10/28/00
UART uart.src an38.pdf Qualified 09/19/00
Dual UART dual_uart.src an39.pdf Qualified 09/19/00
Eight UART eight_uart.src an40.pdf Qualified 09/19/00
Hitachi HD44780 Interface (4-bit) hitach_44780_4bit.src sxl_lcd_xmpl.pdf In Progress 11/25/99
Hitachi HD44780 Interface (8-bit) hitach_44780_8bit.src sxl_lcd_xmpl.pdf In Progress 11/25/99
16-bit Timer 16bit_timer.src sxl_timer_vp.pdf Qualified 11/01/99
4 x 4 Keyboard Scan 4x4_key_scan.src sxl_keyscan.pdf In Progress 12/09/99
DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) dft.src1   Qualified 4/22/99
FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) fft.src sxl_sine&fft.pdf.pdf In Progress 12/03/99
Math Routines math.src an13.pdf In Progress 10/16/99
* Q = Qualified - Tested, documented and qualified by Ubicom
   in progress = Not yet qualified - Qualification is still in progress
   N/A = No qualification planned
1 This cache may not contain the correct versions of these files.

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