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Tutorial example of adding your text to any page or to a new page.

First, you must be a member to add new pages and to add unmoderated text (immediatly visable to everyone). No charge, no SPAM, no B.S. we just need to know who is posting to our site. We only send you emails if someone adds text to a page that you own, or if you explicitly request to be notified when someone elses page is changed. Sign up here

After you log in, just browse to the page where the code or other new content should be added or, better yet, go to your own home page.

Look for the "You can" form near the bottom of the page. Select "public" and "program listing." "Question" , "comment" and "link" are other options. Question is obvious. Link and comment are basically the same except that link displays the link just before the text in the main box, and comment displays only the text but if you add a link, the text will be linked to that address.

For short snippets of code or comments, questions, etc... skip this paragraph. If the code is more than a snippet, it would be nice to make a separate page for it; so, enter a description in the main form area at the bottom of the page you are on and add a file name in the "with optional link to: " field. For example, I entered "Interrupt driven routines, using PIC hardware USART, with CTS flow control. Source code for CC5X C compiler with ample comments, easily adaptable to other PICs than the sample 16F628." in the main field and entered S628.htm in the link field then pressed "Add". Because this file name is local (not external to the site) and because it doesn't exist, the system made a new page with the comment as a title and assigned ownership of that page to me. In the "Code:" section of the page, a link to this file will be added along with the comments. Click on the link to open the new page. In this example, the page is at and as you can see, it is owned by member RH-planet-b. When Rob is logged in, he will be able to "Check HTML", "WYSIWYG Edit", or "Edit" (in HTML) the page. These options will not be available for others. Others will be able to "Add" comments, etc... to the page and the page owner will me emailed and can reply, edit, or delete them as appropriate.

Now simply copy and paste your code into the comments box, make sure you have "public" and "program listing" selected and press the "Add" button. If the code is large, it may take a bit to load, but just wait... Now you will see a new entry in the "Code:" list with a link to your home page showing your name "shares this code:" followed by the code listing. (no, you can't "upload" existing files or pictures or any binarys, but you can email files to the webmaster and we will place them for you and reply with a link to the files)

Now, you should link to this code from other pages that are related... The more pages you link from, the more likely people are to find your code. And you should also link to other related pages from your new page.

Here is a trick: Just click the "Find other pages like this one link" If the words in the title of the page match any other pages on the site, they will be listed in the search results. If you don't find any pages, you can enter a few good keywords in the "No. I'm looking for:" text box and press "Fetch."

Once you have some related pages, in the search results, click on each page and scroll down to the form and just paste in the address of your page in the "with optional link to" box, select "public" and "link" then press "Add" You don't need to enter a description. The system will lookup the title of your page and add that as a description along with the link.

You can also use the "List" button in the ""Yes, you should this page back at ..." line to add a link * from * your page to a related page.. note that this option is only available if you got to the related page by searching from your page and clicking on a link in the search results.


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<A HREF=""> Tutorial example of adding your text to any page or to a new page.</A>

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