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END OF LIFE: This product is no longer available.

Low cost, high quality 1HP motor driver for brushed DC motors, ideal for use in closed loop servo systems.

- Drive DC motors up to 40 V and 18 A (720 Watts, 0.97 HP) continuous operation.

- Onboard current limit, or active current control via analog or PWM signal.

- Tough IRFB7546 MOSFETs with DRV8701 driver protection. Reliable operation, hard to damage.

It is ideal for adapting CNC machines such as routers, mills and 3D printers to Servo operation with low cost DC motors in combination with a PID controller and position encoder. It could also be used as the power stage of a mobile robot, or for DC-AC inverters, and for driving Peltier modules.

level: easy.
DRV8701: 1HP DC Motor H-Bridge Driver $14.95 NONSTOCKED No longer available

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